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Flooring Contractor Services

We want to be your flooring contractor! Flooring installation is a process that requires a higher level of skill than some other trades and we understand the importance of making sure that a job is done right the first time. While it is possible to d a DIY flooring installation project, due to the unforgiving nature of some of the materials and the associated cost, it isn’t always advisable.

We are a professional flooring installation company and our team handles every flooring project with the highest regard to quality.

There is a lot of preparation work involved in a floor installation. Especially in a remodel, it’s important to note that since foundations can shift over time that a floor can end up uneven. As a result, a floor has to be leveled before any installation work should begin. Our team of professionals will discern how much preparation your floor requires before beginning the actual installation.

Our clients consistently rate us the best flooring company in Northwest Arkansas, the River Valley and Eastern Oklahoma. If you’re ready to discuss your nest flooring project, call us today.
Floor Installation Service

Why use PFI for your floor installation?

  • Highly Qualified Team
    Our team has skilled flooring professionals. We have years of hands on experience. Our installers are able to get any flooring job done quickly & safely.
  • Versatility
    We have lots of experience with both commercial & residential installations. Whether it’s your business or home PFI is able to assist you with any of your flooring needs.

What we do

Our services include installation for many flooring materials. We are able to discuss your project ahead of time to decide what material is best suited for the room as well.

Planning Stages

Our team will discuss your needs and desired outcome to help determine the best materials and time requirements to ensure your project handled the best way possible.

Material Options

Cost can vary greatly depending on the type of flooring you want to use. We’re able to help find the right material to suit your budget.

Customer Satisfaction

We work closely to ensure the project is completed with your satisfaction. Our team receives regular feedback from all of our clients and we pride ourselves in our high satisfaction rating.


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